• Menlo Park: 5v5: minimum number of players is 4
  • Each match: 36 minutes long with two halves of 18 minutes each.
  • After each half, teams switch sides. Due to limited field time, half time is only for purposes of switching sides and is not a time for a break.
  • All matches will start on time and if players are not there before the whistle, that team will forfeit.


  • Shin guards must be worn at all times. A player without shin guards will be asked to leave the field and may only return once he/she has obtained shin guards for the remainder of the game.
  • Teams must be represented 10 minutes prior to game start, and must be on the field 5 minutes before game start.
  • No goalie (i.e. no hands at any time); handball infractions described below.
  • No entry into “Goal Mouth” as delineated by flat circular markers. Neither team may enter the Goal Mouth. If the ball stops dead in the Goal Mouth, the defending team may take the ball as a Goal Kick. No player may enter the zone with either foot for any reason. A player may kick a ball flying through the Goal Mouth if still standing outside of the Goal Mouth. If an offensive player goes into the Goal Mouth, the defending team gets the ball as a goal kick. If a defensive player goes into the Goal Mouth to stop a shot, it is an automatic goal for the other team.  
  • No offside rule.
  • No slide tackles for any reason. Sliding to save a ball from going out of bounds is acceptable if there is no player from opposing team within reach.
    • Anyone who is called for a slide tackle will be required to leave play for the remainder of the half. If that same player performs a second slide tackle, it will result in an ejection and a minimum 1-match ban.
  • After a goal, the ball must restart in center of the field.
  • Corner kicks are allowed.
  • Throw-ins will be taken as an indirect free kick on the ground (no hands).
  • Goal kicks are indirect and must be kicked within 3 yards of the goal
  • Ties during playoff games result in one 2 minute golden goal overtime followed by a 3 person shootout (shooting at an open net from half field).


  • Any player may call a foul for the following reasons: over-aggressive play as in kicking, kneeing, shoving, elbowing etc. within the same guidelines as the FIFA rules. The foul must then be confirmed by the captain of the team.
  • If there is a dispute about the nature of the foul, only the two captains may discuss a resolution. If no resolution is found, the team who called the foul will start with the ball at the goal kick position. No player other than captains are allowed to dispute or argue with the opposing team once a foul has been called. Sportsmanship is the critical guide to all player actions. The game clock never stops, so it is in both teams’ best interest to resolve issues quickly and get back to the game.
  • All fouls will result in a direct free kick taken on the spot of the foul.  The opposing team will stand no closer than 5 yards from the spot of the free kick.
  • If a foul happens within 3 paces of the goal, the team will be given a penalty, taken at the half line with no goalie. All other team members must stand behind and to the side of the shooter. A missed shot ends the play immediately, i.e. there are no rebounds.
  • Unintentional hand balls are still considered hand balls. A hand ball will result in a direct free kick from the spot of the hand ball.  A hand ball on the goal line will result in an automatic goal no matter the trajectory of the ball, unless the hands are clearly tucked into the body ie you may not hit a player’s tucked in arm/hand and claim it is an automatic goal. Use your discretion and be good sports. This is not a loophole for you to exploit.
  • Number of Fouls – 3 fouls from the same player will result in a suspension for that player for the rest of the half. If a 4th foul is received during the same game, the player will be ejected from the game followed by a discussion with league organizers. Each team captain will be responsible for saying out loud the number of fouls any one player has so that the both teams can hear it and the offending player is under notice.
  • The league organizers reserve the right to penalize, suspend or remove from the league any player found to exhibit gameplay that is not in the highest spirit of sportsmanship.


  • Unlimited number of substitutions allowed at any stoppage of play.
  • Player must have completely exited the field before substitute is allowed on.
  • If a team is found to have an extra player at any time, they will be penalized by playing the remainder of the half a player down.
  • No borrowing of players from other teams unless the game has been forfeited.


  • Teams must field at least 4 players for the game to start in a 5v5 game. If a team cannot field the requisite number of players within 5 minutes of start time, the game will be called a forfeit and a score of 2-0 will be given to the team that had enough players.


  • You are expected to act as referee and coach for your respective team. This includes making sure you have enough players on time and on the field.
  • You have the responsibility to maintain control of your team at all times, should immediately sub out any player who is in foul trouble or is engaging in an altercation with players from the other team.
  • Should you not have enough players to field a full team you’re required to notify league organizers as early as possible. We will provide you the email and phone number of a randomly selected substitutes. There are no guarantees that we’ll be able to find a substitute for your team so it is best to notify league organizers as soon as the need for a substitute or substitutes arises.


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