League Update #2

I have bad news and good news.

Bad news – we can’t play in Redwood City. Just spoke with Parks and Recreations and there is currently no availability. He suggested I check back in September if something opened up.
Good news – I found a field with lights we can rent in Menlo Park on Mondays 8:30-10 pm and we have 35 entries!

We have 35 entries but only 18 paid!
Due to field availability we will be playing Monday night starting September 8th, 2014.
If you signed up and cannot join us on Monday night, please reply and I will provide you with a refund.
If you said you cannot play Monday but things changed and you want to play, please let me know.
If you signed up but have not paid, please do so ASAP!
The goal is to have 42 players split into teams of 7 (2 subs and 5 on the field).
We will play two rounds per week for a total of 7 weeks and each team will play 12 games.
The minimum number of players we need is 30 to make it happen. It would basically be 5 teams and 8 games per team.
The more the better!
If you have a friend that would like to join, please encourage them to join this week. I’d like to book the field ASAP but we need the funds to book the field for 8 weeks (leaving an extra week for finals).
Let’s make it happen!
Share with friends: http://ppl.soccerleague.co

League Update #1


Thank you for your interest in Peninsula Premier League! I’m very excited to get traction in just the last 3 days.
We have 18 players who have filled out the form and 10 who paid already! (stats below).
If we reach 42 paid players that can play with the final schedule, I’ll make the draft of teams, rent the fields, game schedule, and make it happen!
If you’re interested, signup today, or if you know someone that should play, please share the link: http://ppl.soccerleague.co
Below some information that folks have been asking:
League Location
I live in Redwood City and can rent RC fields. I’m meeting with the Facilities Director on 8/12 to find the fields that are available and which dates they have them. If we have the 42 players by 8/12 I will rent the fields on the spot.
Hopefully it aligns with the dates that we can play! If not, plan B is to go to a different nearby city and find a field we can rent.
League Days
Out of the 18 players, the days that work the most are:
Monday (4 can’t do this day), Tuesday (3 can’t do this day), Wednesday (4 can’t do this day), Saturday (3 can’t do this day).
All other days it’s 6+. Days that are def. off limits are Sunday, Friday.
We’ll know more once we have 40+ players. I’ll chose the day of the week with the most available players and refund those that cannot play those days.
Team Size
The games will be 5v5 with 8’x4′ goals or 4’x6′. No goalies. I was tempted to do 4v4 but got a lot of pushback – science on why 4×4
Depending on the total number of players, I’ll max the team size to 7. This will help with substitutes and absent players from time to time.
Team will forfeit game if it has less than 4 players at game time.
League Format
La Liga format – each team plays the other team twice (home and away).
To add more fun and games, top 4 teams will play semifinals (if $$ allows, 2 legs).
If we get the 42 players, we can have 7 teams of 6 players (ideally we have substitutes).
That makes it 12 games per team guaranteed!
Game Format
We’ll split a full field in 3 games.  3 games happen simultaneously.
Length of game: 2 halves of 12 minutes each, with 2 minute break — giving 4 minute buffer to make it 30 minutes.
Depending on field price, we might do 2 games a day or leave it at 1 game a day.
Following the games, we’ll have open pickup games with the meetup!
Player Stats So Far
11 interested in being team captains
6 average skill level
1 goalie
4 defenders
13 midfielders
11 forwards
Due to the necessary commitment of the league, there will be no refunds.
However, as stated on the website, refunds will be given to you if:
– the league does not form
– the final schedule of the league does not match with the dates you provided
Thanks again and see you soon!
Please reply with any comments, feedback, questions!
Let’s make it happen!!!!!

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