Spring 2018 Adult Soccer Registration – 5v5 – Menlo Park

PPL has had 18 seasons, 700 players, hundreds of games, and lots of fun!

Are you ready to join Season 19?! Games start January 22nd!

Monday nights anytime between 7-10pm!

In order to accommodate our growing community, to compensate for limited field availability, and to increase our soccer ability, we will continue the league format of 5v5.

A year-long study was performed by Rick Fenoglio of Manchester Metropolitan University in England at the Manchester United Academy. The subject of this study was the benefits of 4v4 games versus 8v8 games in terms of measurable data. To compromise with most of our players need to play with multiple players, we’ve

When comparing 4v4 to the 8v8 game he came up with the following findings.

– 135% – more passes
– 260% – more attempts on goal
– 225% – more 1 on 1 encounters
– 280% – more ‘tricks’ attempted

(To read more about Mr. Fenoglio’s findings, visit his website: Give Us Back Our Game )

We did a quick survey and 4v4 didn’t seem reasonable so we decided on 5v5 format.

Games start in Menlo Park on Mondays anytime between 7:00-10 pm.

Ready to play?


Free Agent


How many games will I play? You are guaranteed at least 10 games per season in at least 5 weeks.

What fields? Menlo Park: Kelly Park (turf) anytime between 7-10pm

Maximum number of players? No limit, as long as your team is OK with 10+ players and every player is part of your roster

Minimum number of players? We recommend 8 to avoid forfeits. If you're a free agent, we'll do teams of 8 players. If your team wants to have 6 or 7, OK by us but as soon as you have one forfeit we'll add a player to your team.

What's the maximum number of teams? Due to field limitations, we cannot have more than 8 teams per season.

Why the fluctuation of price season by season?
We strive to provide the most competitive price in the peninsula for a guaranteed good soccer night. Costs vary per season. Some seasons we have to pay for field insurance, new equipment , more field access, etc. The range has varied between $65-95 in the past two years, and although we could find a middle ground and keep it consistent, but this way works for us.

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